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The FAQ is divided into three sections:

  • Overview
  • Subscription / Payment
  • Using the service


  1. What is a virtual tour?

At virtual tour online, when we refer to a virtual tour, we are referring to a group of scenes/slideshows. For example, a realtor could have the following 6 scenes:

  • 1 Park Drive Living Room
  • 1 Park Drive Dining Room
  • 1 Park Drive Kitchen
  • 1 Park Drive Bedroom 1
  • 1 Park Drive Bedroom 2
  • 1 Park Drive Gardens

This example group of scenes could be referred to as the virtual tour for '1 Park Drive'.

  1. How does the system work?
  • You take the photographs yourself,
  • You then use your own login area to upload your photographs to our service using a web browser,
  • You create your scenes and slideshows and link them into a tour,
  • You use the provided URL link to publish your completed tours on your own website, property portal, PDF document etc.
  • The tours are securely hosted in the cloud using our servers, and the system is compatible with anything that allows a URL link to be added.
  1. I am a realtor, is this virtual tour service compatible with my real estate software?

We have developed our virtual tour service to be compatible with real estate software. If your software allows you to have a URL link for a virtual tour then your software will be compatible with our service.

  1. Can I use my iPhone with the service?

Yes you can! The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S running iOS 6 or higher have the panoramic feature built right into the phone - it's a great way to capture panoramas suitable for use with our software. The iPhone also supports other useful image manipulation tools such as cropping and adjusting the brightness. See our blog post for more information on using the iPhone to capture great panoramas for use in real estate with our Virtual Tour Online software. Don't forget there are also lots of other smartphone apps capable of capturing great panoramas, available on both the App Store and the Android Market. More cameras, including budget models, are also available which are capable of capturing panoramas suitable for use with our software. Click here for the current list of recommended camera options.

Subscription / Payment

  1. I haven't received my verification e-mail when signing up for the trial account.

Please remember to check your spam or junk mail folders as some service providers may assume your sign up verification e-mail is spam. If you still cannot find your verification e-mail, please send us an e-mail to from the e-mail address you registered with us stating that you need a new verification link. We will send you a reply containing your link. Please also add our email address to any white list of safe addresses. This process should avoid any problems with spam filters. If you still do not receive your verification link, contact us again and we will be happy to verify for you.

  1. How much does it cost to become a subscriber?

Subscription to our virtual tour service costs $79 per year. For this you can create, host and publish an unlimited number of tours, scenes and slideshows. If you need more than one account, for example, for multiple realtors, offices or regions, each account is handled and paid for separately.

  1. How can I pay?

We only accept payments via PayPal. There is a 'Subscribe Now' option inside the trial account, which will direct you to PayPal for payment processing.

You can pay for the subscription service after signing up and logging in. Virtual Tour Online use PayPal as a payment provider. Itís free, fast and secure. PayPal accepts all major debit/credit cards.

  1. I do not have a PayPal account, can I still pay for a Virtual Tour Online?

Yes you can, PayPal no longer require you to have a PayPal account to buy goods or services via PayPal.

  1. When paying via PayPal I noticed the payment was being made to CBS Solutions LTD, is this correct?

Yes, CBS Solutions LTD is the name of our parent company. All monetary transactions go through CBS Solutions LTD.

Using the service

  1. What is the best way to take my pictures to ensure the best results?

Generally, the bet approach is to capture your panoramic scene from the corner of a room, enabling you to capture as much of the scene as possible, with as little panning as is needed. Try to avoid having objects close to the camera. We have compiled some additional information on our Using the System page.

  1. Uploading each photo seems to be taking a long time, is there anything I can do?

Yes, the easiest way to speed up this process is to use the Google Chrome browser, which supports our new 'super fast photo upload' feature. The new Tour Publisher feature also supports the faster upload technology. Install Google Chrome now.

  1. I'm using the panoramic camera technology but the resulting panorama has a black/grey block to the side of the panorama, where it's not all been used. What can I do?

After uploading the photo to our service, click on the Manage Photo(s) button for the scene concerned, then simply click on the Scissors icon and then crop the photo edge by dragging the side cropping window outline in so that the black/grey area will no longer be shown. Finally click on the "Crop" button to complete the crop operation. Return to your home page and process or re-process the scene you have changed.

  1. My virtual tour scene doesnít look like I intended.

It's best to check the scenes you have captured on your phone or camera before you leave the property. This enables you to spot any problems and re-take any scenes. Most, if not all, panoramic cameras and smartphone applications allow you to view the completed panorama on the camera screen itself, ensuring that you leave the property with the scenes you want.

  1. I've changed the photographs in a tour/scene/slideshow and submitted it for processing, but when I view the tour/scene/slideshow I'm still looking at the old one.

This is because your web browser has stored the virtual tour online scene/slideshow in your local cache. Please force the browser to refresh the page from the source rather than use the cache store, or research emptying the cache for the browser you are using. For example, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please try the following:

  • Click on the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options...
  • On the General tab, under Temporary Internet Files, click on the Delete Files button.
  • You can also hold down the <CTRL> button on your keyboard whilst you click on the browser refresh icon.
  1. How long will my virtual tours stay online?

Your virtual tours, scenes and slideshows will remain online for as long as you maintain a subscription, or until you delete them yourself.

  1. Why do I keep getting logged out after an hour?

This is a security feature. If, after logging in, you are inactive on our website for a period of one hour, you will automatically be logged out.

  1. How many scenes can I link to each property virtual tour?

You can have an unlimited number of scenes and slideshows in a tour. A scrollbar facilitates access to a longer list on the right hand side. For ease of use however for the viewing user, we suggest you limit the number of scenes so that the scrollbar does not show. This is approximately 12 scenes.

  1. Can I use the single images I have already stitched from a different source, such as a previous provider or from my digital camera or smartphone software?

Yes, you only need to upload your completed image and it will be displayed using our standard tour/scene viewer. The image must be in rectilinear format - this looks like a standard camera image, except it is wider.

  1. Can I add a logo to my tours?

Yes you can. To add your company logo to the Tours:

  • Click on the 'Settings' menu at the top of the page.
  • Click on the 'Browse' button to search for your logo.
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
    Please note that all logos should be a maximum of 100 x 100 pixels in size. Also, these changes are global to the account. For any existing tours that you want to apply this change to, those tours would need to be re-submitted for processing after making these changes. You will not need to re-submit individual scenes or slideshows.
  1. Can I turn on or off the display of the tour names on our tours?

Yes you can. To turn on or off Tour names on the published Tours:

  • Click on the 'Settings' menu at the top of the page.
  • Change the Show Tour Name dropdown to Yes or No as appropriate.
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
    Please note that these changes are global to the account. Also for any existing tours that you want to apply this change to, those tours would need to be re-submitted after making these changes.
  1. Can I change the default viewer speed for my tours?

Yes you can. To change the default speed:

  • Click on the 'Settings' menu at the top of the page.
  • Change the Speed dropdown to the desired speed. A lower number represents a slower speed.
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
    Please note that these changes are global to the account. Also for any existing scenes that you want to apply this change to, those scenes would need to be re-submitted after making these changes.

If you require further help please e-mail

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