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Using The System

The process of using our virtual tour service can be explained in three simple stages:

  • The Hardware - firstly, you need to obtain the hardware capable of capturing panoramic scenes,
  • Subscribe - secondly, subscribe to our service in order to create your completed virtual tours for each property and present them in a professional way,
  • Publish - finally, publish your completed virtual tours using our service and your chosen marketing platforms.

We touch on each of the above points briefly here to give you a flavor of the service.

The hardware

Firstly, you should decide upon and obtain kit that is capable of capturing panoramic scenes in rectilinear format. These are just standard photographs in a wider panoramic format. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S running iOS 6 or above are a good choice. Sony and Nikon are two good examples of suppliers of cameras which provide an easy to use panoramic mode on some of their models with in-camera stitching technology. See our Hardware page for more information.

Below are a number of ways to create your panoramic scenes:


Once you have obtained and tested your kit, it's a simple matter of subscribing to our service so that your virtual tours can be professionally hosted and presented.

This can be done by signing up to the free trial, which you can use initially to test the process. The free trial is limited to 10 scenes only but it is not limited in time, and there is no obligation to subscribe at that point. It is primarily provided as a technical trial for prospective subscribers, and is used as the stepping stone towards obtaining a full subscription.

Once you have signed up to the free trial, if you wish to subscribe to the full unlimited service, just click on the "Subscribe Now" button provided inside your login area.


Finally, you use the links provided by our service to publish your tours onto your chosen marketing platform, whether that's your own bespoke website, real estate management software or property portals, PDF documents, emails etc.

This is simply a matter of copying and pasting a link provided for each property from within our system, onto your chosen platforms. You can publish the links as many times as you like and to as many different marketing platforms as you wish. The tours are professionally hosted on our servers, which ensures there is very little that needs to be changed using your normal marketing methods.

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Page last modified on February 19, 2013, at 11:43 AM