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You need any one of the following:

1) Apple iPhone

An iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S running iOS 6 or higher. See our blog post for more information on using the iPhone to capture great panoramas for use in real estate with our Virtual Tour Online software.

2) Cameras

Sony and Nikon are two of the best suppliers of cameras providing easy to use panoramic capabilities. The models listed below both use similar in-camera stitching technology, so that you can check the quality of your panoramas before you leave the property.

Sony - Sony provide a large number of models which include the "Sweep Panorama" mode. Any Sony cameras which include "Sweep Panorama" technology are suitable for use with our service.
Models (not an exhaustive list)
Sony DSC-W510
Sony DSC-W520
Sony DSC-W530
Sony DSC-W610
Sony DSC-W620
Sony DSC-W650
Sony DSC-W690
Sony DSC-WX50

Nikon - Nikon supply a number of cameras which include the "Easy Panorama" mode. Any Nikon cameras which include "Easy Panorama" technology are suitable for use with our service. Please note that Nikon also supplies cameras with a "Panorama Assist" mode. This is not the same as "Easy Panorama" and does not provide in-camera stitching technology, so the resulting images have to be stitched together with the software supplied by Nikon. Whilst usable with our service, this is not the preferred technology.
Models (not an exhaustive list)
Nikon Coolpix S6300
Nikon Coolpix S8200
Nikon Coolpix S9300

Camera Suppliers

There are a large number of retail outlets and mail order companies offering these cameras. They are readily available. Use the links below or use your preferred local supplier.
Best Buy
Radio Shack

3) Smartphone Software

There are a number of applications available for both iOS and Android devices which provide a way of capturing panoramic scenes.


If you don't have the iPhone listed above, there are other apps on the App Store you can use. To find more, go to the App Store and search using the term "Panorama".


To find more, go to the Android Market and search using the term "Panorama".

Please let us know what you like to use.

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