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Please check back here regularly for service news and announcements.

NEW: Tour Publisher is an exciting new feature which considerably speeds up the virtual tour publishing process for those using the new panoramic cameras.

NEW: Custom speed setting for each account. You can now set your own default scene speed. This can be found on the "Settings" page.

NEW: Account Center with improved work flow, incorporating the new super fast photo upload when using the Chrome web browser or Firefox.

Unified viewer using the latest web technology, negating the need for viewers to have the Flash browser plug-in. This also now includes speed control on iOS devices.

iPad, iPhone and iPod viewing functionality has been added to all new tours, scenes and slideshows.

Faster login presenting only the 10 most recent tours, and 30 most recent scenes and slideshows. Option remains for showing all or searching by partial name.

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Page last modified on September 06, 2012, at 11:24 AM