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"... It is easy to use and upload onto our realtor software. Our customers really like the virtual tours, it is a real instruction winner and sets us apart from other realtors. The support team at Virtual Tour Online are very helpful... I highly recommend Virtual Tour Online."

"I run a property lettings company in Florida. Our website shows all of our properties that we have to let. Since subscribing to Virtual Tour Online and creating virtual tours for all of our properties we have found that we spend less time showing prospective tenants around unsuitable properties because they now get a better 'feel' for the property from the virtual tour than they did previously from just the photographs we supplied." John Baumgartner – Tampa, Florida.

"We create PDF full colour document for a number of our property developer clients. Being able to include a live link to a virtual tour online as part of the PDF is superb. People open up the PDF’s and it’s a simple case of them clicking on a link in the document to view the virtual tour online. It couldn’t be easier." Josh Daley – Chicago, Illinois.

We welcome all testimonials, if you would like to submit one for inclusion on our website, please e-mail it to

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