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You need three things to use our service:

1) A trial account - To Sign Up
No payment details are required until you decide to subscribe.

2) A web browser - Get Google Chrome
Google Chrome being our preferred choice as we are able to provide some significant time saving features, but most web browsers will suffice.

3) An iPhone, digital camera with a panoramic capture mode, or other smartphone with panoramic capture software - To Hardware
If you do not have an iPhone, smartphone or digital camera capable of capturing panoramic scenes we do supply some panoramic images for the purpose of trialling the system. Please see our Hardware section for a suitable list of devices which we recommend for use with our service.

The best way to get started is to sign up to the free trial. This enables you to try the service before you subscribe.

It serves as an introduction to the service and provides a technical trial so that you can be sure that the service is compatible with your existing systems and that it serves your needs. You can use the trial to publish your completed tours onto your chosen platforms. The trial is only limited in terms of the number of tours, scenes and slideshows you can create.

Even if you don't actually use the trial, signing up first reserves your folder name, and allows you to provide us with details which we can then use if you decide to proceed with a full subscription.

After signing up to the trial, the route to subscribing is simple. When logged in to your trial account, fill out your details in the 'Settings' menu option. To subscribe click on the 'Subscribe' menu option. This will provide you with further information and a link to our payment provider, PayPal. All transaction processing and documentation relating to the subscription will be handled by PayPal.

After we've received confirmation of your payment, your account will be upgraded to an unlimited subscription account - and you are good to go.

To sign up for the free trial, simply use the trial sign up page link shown below, or click on the 'To Sign Up' link in the sidebar. This process will send you a verification email. Please check your spam or junk mail if you have not received the email. You can also add '' to your email 'white list' to ensure you receive the verification email.
To Sign Up

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